Book Reviews

A book that brings reality and truth, based in hope. Recommended reading!   This book takes the extreme of SWAT invasion and incarceration and brings the reader through the process of catastrophe, repair, healing to hope and a rewarding life. For those of us in the therapy field, this is a huge source of hope for the person who struggles with any kind of problematic sexual behavior, whether typical or illegal.  
— Jes Montgomery, MD


A book of courage, a book of experience, strength and hope.  Professionals and lay people alike will find hope and inspiration in these pages.  

Ronald Arrington, MS
LCDC, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist,
Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist.


This book makes an important contribution to the American conversation on sexuality, pornography, and addiction, and highlighting the danger of denial, and the gift of recovery.  
— Shelley Korshak Firestone, MD


One man’s journey into the mire of sexual addiction and his climb out. A message of hope for those struggling with this devastating addiction. A must read.  
— John Haralson


I highly recommend this book for anyone in recovery or just getting into a recovery for sex addiction.  
— Don L