Welcome to the official site for Walking Through The Storm. This site and the book are dedicated to those who are suffering from sexual addiction.

If I can recover from sex addiction, anybody can!

On March 10, 2004 at 7:25 in the morning, I was at home dressed and ready to go to work.  There was a pounding on the door, and screams “Police, open up!” In that second, I knew that everything in my life was about to be completely different.  The police had a search warrant. I knew why they were there.

Hidden from others was the fact that for most of my life I had been leading two lives, and the values of those lives were directly opposite each other.  My name is Brady, and I’m a sex and pornography addict.

Today, after 4 ½ months in residential therapy, 7 years in federal prison, and 12 years of recovery from sex addiction, the obsessions have gone away and I have regained the power of choice.  I am ready to share my story with you.  Recovery is possible! Join me as I show how recovery can work for you and your family. 

— Brady C